Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sign Up for Sunscreen's Summer Camp Film School!

Only a few weeks left to sign up your kids for Summer Camp Film School. Only 15 open slots are left!

Kids ages 14-18 are eligible. Some exceptions to age requirements will be made based on prior experience and interest level after an evaluation by the Sunscreen Film Festival staff.

Summer Camp Schedule:
9AM-5PM July 6-17, 2009
Film Showcase is 7PM Friday July 17th

July 6th, Monday: Intro to Screenwriting/Learning 3 Act structure
July 7th, Tuesday: Character Analysis
July 8th, Wednesday: Screenplay formatting
July 9th, Thursday: Script Critique
July 10th, Friday: Table Reading Scripts
July 13, Monday: Film Producing
July 14, Tuesday: Cinematography
July 15, Wednesday: Film Directing
July 16, Thursday: Editing
July 17, Friday: Special effects, Music in films, Titling, Color Correction, and Film Showcase for friends and family!

For a bio of instructor Dave DeBorde, please see our website (

Education Coordinator Harry Chittenden:
Email: or call Harry Chittenden at 727-420-0566

We look forward to seeing you at camp!

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