Monday, June 15, 2009

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Film Festival Pics

Because it looks like we can only upload the 60+ pictures of this year's festival individually on this blog (and that's just tedious), for now we hope you'll be satisfied with some alternate links. Check out all of the pictures on our MySpace and Facebook pages (just search for Sunscreen Film Festival), and if you're not already our friend, friend us! It's a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of all of the celebrities that attended this year's festival, and to find out more about our upcoming events (Film School Summer Camp, hint hint).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sign Up for Sunscreen's Summer Camp Film School!

Only a few weeks left to sign up your kids for Summer Camp Film School. Only 15 open slots are left!

Kids ages 14-18 are eligible. Some exceptions to age requirements will be made based on prior experience and interest level after an evaluation by the Sunscreen Film Festival staff.

Summer Camp Schedule:
9AM-5PM July 6-17, 2009
Film Showcase is 7PM Friday July 17th

July 6th, Monday: Intro to Screenwriting/Learning 3 Act structure
July 7th, Tuesday: Character Analysis
July 8th, Wednesday: Screenplay formatting
July 9th, Thursday: Script Critique
July 10th, Friday: Table Reading Scripts
July 13, Monday: Film Producing
July 14, Tuesday: Cinematography
July 15, Wednesday: Film Directing
July 16, Thursday: Editing
July 17, Friday: Special effects, Music in films, Titling, Color Correction, and Film Showcase for friends and family!

For a bio of instructor Dave DeBorde, please see our website (

Education Coordinator Harry Chittenden:
Email: or call Harry Chittenden at 727-420-0566

We look forward to seeing you at camp!